Real Stories

We've helped countless young people who were homeless or at risk of homelessness over the years.

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Ben's Story

A referral was submitted by the Early Action Team with concerns around Ben and his foster placement breaking down. The relationship between Ben and his foster carers was becoming strained and reaching the point where Ben could be asked to leave at any moment.

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Ellie's Story

Ellie was referred to hapi by a local supported accommodation provider for support to find suitable accommodation and assistance to become more financially stable. Ellie had been living in a private foster care arrangement until she turned 16 years of age. Ellie then returned home to family but found that the house was very overcrowded and there was no space for her there. Ellie was then asked to leave by her mother and found herself sofa surfing for over 6 months.

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Danny's Story

Danny hit his lowest point between the ages of 16 and 17 after trying to overdose. He explains how struggling with anger and depression since a young age had led to him becoming involved in fights, and arguing with members of his family. After becoming homeless, depression and anxiety left Danny with suicidal thoughts. He decided to do something about it and got in touch with Safe Space.

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Molly's Story

19 year old Molly was referred to us for life skills support. Despite being a carer for both her mother and sister, and financially contributing towards the family, Molly wasn't given a bed in the family home, and had been sofa surfing since she was 14. Molly was desperate to find a job and somewhere to live.

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Jack's Story

Jack, a 17 year old male, was made to sofa surf for 8 months after his relationship with his family broke down. Jack was referred to the Night Shelter by Child Services, where he was given emergency accommodation. Jack needed support to find permanent accommodation, as well as advice for how to move forward.

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About Breathing Space

Breathing Space Lancashire is here to help young people aged 14-25 who are at risk of homelessness. The project is here to provide the best advice, guidance and signposting to young people, their friends and families so that together we can keep young people safe.

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